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Personal Service and Reliable Connections to 8500+ dialup locations Nationwide and Canada.

56k Flex
56k x2
56k v.90
ISDN 64k Single
Mach5 Accelerator $19.95/mo.
Dual 56k (Shotgun)
ISDN 128k Dual

Improved Technology

High speed dialup
5x the speed
Mach5 Email
Flash Accelerator
Mach5 Popup Stopper

Download websites at Mach5!

A comprehensive virus solution that you never have to worry about.

Got questions? Want real answers? Ask our professional support specialists on our FAQ pages.

- *NEW* Usage Checking Utility, use this utility to see how many hours you have been online this month.
- *NEW* Change your dialup password online, you may now change your password online without having to contact a Stealth representative or sending it through your email. *you must know your old password and username.

- Dialup Installation program, use this program to install your dialup connection and set up your email automatically.
- Webmail email utility (button at the top right corner of website)
- Spam guard, actively blocks emails from known spammers
- Webmail spam guard, spam blocker you set up on the server
- Active Black List, we actively block domains that are forwarding spam

What STEALTH means to us.
1. Invisible, Hidden (no banner ads)
(Use any search engine that you wish for your homepage.)
2. Fast, Swift, of Great Speed (Full-Bandwidth Connections)
3. Economical, Frugal, Thrifty (Not Dangerous to your Budget!)

You will hardly know that we're there.
But when you need us, we'll always be there!
"Stealth" Does NOT mean that we won't be there when you need us!
Because we value our clients, making sure you get the personal service you deserve is one of our top priorities. So in order to serve you better, we will assign you your personal account representative that can handle all of your technical support, billing or other needs. You will be able to contact this person directly with any questions that you may have regarding your account. We'll treat you like a neighbor, not just another number!

If you want to get connected to the Internet...
...We will connect you with over 8500 Access Locations
Across the United States and Canada.

We currently service 4 different networks so you will have the choice of the network that is best for you. If you travel frequently, you will be able to connect to any access number on your network nationwide with no roaming charges.

Also, if you are experiencing difficulties on the particular network that you are on, simply contact your Personal Account Representative and ask if there is another network that may work better for your area, they will be happy to assist you.

All Stealth Internet Access sites operate at a user to modem ratio of less than 10 to 1. We make every effort to operate all sites at or under this ratio using various monitoring tools and call reports from the local telephone companies. The only method of tracking this statistic reliably is through the actual telecom provider in conjunction with our own monitoring and growth projections. In the event a site's utilization grows beyond this ratio, we guarantee that we will correct the ratio by adding more capacity within 30 days or less. It is our policy to provide a truly "Stealth" Internet Access without busy signals.

Stealth Internet Access provides high-speed, Unlimited Use Internet Access to over 8500 locations across the United States and Canada to get you online and connected to the Internet

There's no need to pay those high prices! Starting at the low cost of $14.95 per month (U.S.). 56k v.90, Shotgun Dual 56k v.90, ISDN 64k, and ISDN 128k Internet Access is available in many states across the US such as Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Indiana, Illinois, Louisiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Washington D.C., West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming and many more are added each month.

All Internet Access accounts include two FREE e-mail addresses. Family Safe Filtered Internet Access is an option that is available that will block areas on the Internet that are not suitable for all viewers. If you wish to properly set up your Video WebCam we also offer Static IP Addresses as an add-on to your Internet Access service.

Very reasonable rates are also available for Website Hosting, E-Commerce, Website Design, Printed Advertising Materials, and Graphic Design through our parent company Stealth Media Solutions. Be sure to visit us also at!

Recommended Safe For All AgesGet the NEW Internet Explorer 5.0!Get Netscape Now!

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----------------------------------------------- What a treat to find StealthAccess! Just an hour or so of testing, and once again, the Internet is an enjoyable experience. So far so good, with reliable connections, and fast transfer rates. Hoping for a long relationship, -Harry
Thanks to all, My first day as a member has been a success. The set up went flawless. With heartfelt appreciation, Francis
Thanks for the heads up. I would also like to say that once again you guys have impressed me. It's good to see a company that hires people that take pride in their work. Thanks again for the personal service, -Ben
Hello to everyone at, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. Everything seems to connecting just fine now, it seemed to get better almost as soon as I emailed you. Thanks for taking care of my difficulty in a timely and professional manner. It's nice to know you're there when we need you. Keep up the good work, -Kathy
I wanted to thank you for the personal tech support you gave me earlier today. I'm still new at all this computer stuff. Your technical representatives are always friendly and never hurry me through a problem. They not only help me find a solution, but also spend the necessary time to educate me, so I can make the right decisions. It has been a real pleasure to work with you all. -Debra
I appreciate the fact that I am always able to reach an "actual person" when I call. Thank you for continually caring about my needs and not just treating me like another number. It's great to know that someone out there is still running a "big business" with "neighborhood values". Thanks again... -Julie